December 16, 2013 "Good bye and hello"

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Well this is the last week, super weird. Still doesn't feel like it completely but I'm thinking a lot more ha. It was weird just sitting there last night after church and everything and realizing it was all kind of done now. Like nothing else really left to do. But then this morning Elder Woo had to go to the church so we go over before email and two korean sisters set up a little thing in our church room and it was a ton of pics of me throughout the mission with them and other places and cakes and balloons and signs.  Ha it was really really nice of them and Elder Woo and Warnick both knew so it was funny. Really nice though so we are all just emailing right now and then we are going to meet with some people and that's that.  Then Tuesday me and Keetch spend the whole day together, then Wednesday is temple and interviews, and then it's done. Can't explain it all really, just weird that it ends and there is like a life after, ha. But I'm nervous for sure. Should be good though. The mission has been unreal just learning so much, getting the priorities straight, getting a testimony, and just having the best experiences. There have been maybe 4 specific moments that really changed everything about me, and the life I'll have after. Some beauitful, and sacred stuff that's the best. I won't try to explain all the cool stuff about it, it's just what it is. The best of times. I love you a lot though, and will see you soon. Thanks for everything.


            Elder Morris