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"sayonara, Morgan Freeman"  - May 04, 2010, Machida
    Well, this is it. The last e-mail of my mission. It is really odd to be writing that sentence. Don`t really know what to say. I guess I will just say what we did this last week, like normal. We had a BBQ at a members house, Brother Ford. He had some friends over, all whom he met in the 1980s when he had a band, so these guys were the real deal, some pretty well known bassists and guitarists. Got to talk some music with them, the Stones, the faces, some blues. It was fun. It was nice being at a BBQ run by an American. And then the next day we had a ward BBQ, that was also a lot of fun. We had some people come. It was funny to notice the differences in the meat and they way it was... Read More

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