Today is June 23, 2017

ayumi wrote on April 29, 2010:
Hey Morris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You didnt lie........ This site is so nice!!

Francis Da Shiruba wrote on March 03, 2010:
Hey elder Morris!!! do you still remember me?? can i write in portuguese?(you can ask for your brother translate it...hahaha) my english still terrible and i forgot the japanese!!haha soo, tokyo mission wa dooou desu ka? tell me something about it... here in brazil itīs every thing good. this year i will finish the college and i wanna go to USA to study a little more. soo, maybe we can meet with other. if you want, you can write me: friend, keep working hard!! you are the man! good look / boa sorte - i will be praying for you and for Tokyo Mission. if you see elder Cragun, send him a "brazilian hug". ganbatte kudasai...!!

Will wrote on February 23, 2010:
i canīt believe i havenīt written on this yet. but i love you bro your an example to me. my shoes hurt every single day iīm out here walking in the boiling unbarable sun. No Rest man, no rest. Perseverar até o fim.

Johnny Zarbock wrote on September 17, 2009:
Hey buddy, how are you doing? It sounds like you are doing way well. I'm excited for you. Well, I was just going through some of my old music and I heard that one song again (the "i'm doing alright" one), and I just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Nothing really new is going on here. Ran into sister Hill yesterday (at byu of all places). She looks good. I don't know if I told you (actually i know i didn't tell you) but I was in Japan about 2 weeks ago. It was weird being there not as a missionary, but it was fun to be back. What else, oh yeah, I spent the last 5 months or so working as a tour guide for Japanese people. Kind of crazy, but I know all the tango for tectonic plates and erosion. It was pretty cool. Well, hope you're doing well. Thanks for the fathers' day letter, it made my day (actually more like month). Work hard, don't get trunky. If I had any advice it would be to just enjoy yourself and work hard. You can do both, as i'm sure you know. See you man, Johnny Zarbock P.s. congrats on getting rid of the bob dylan picture

Adam wrote on June 24, 2009:

Elder Frank wrote on May 21, 2009:
Guess what buddy, I am home!!! And well, I think the mission was more fun =D Life is so less stressful as a missionary, I know a lot of people dont think so at the time they are a missionary but it is true! Unless of course you have a stalker girlfriend that wont stop sending letters (BTW havent heard from her since I got back =D) Sounds like you are having a blast in Japan, congrats on being a trainer, and make some way fun memories with your bean, one of my favorite times in the mission was training! Well peace out and dont forget your buddy, Elder Frank AKA I will never tell you my first name hahahaha

Grandma Carlyle wrote on May 17, 2009:
Dear Elliot, We so enjoy your weekly letters. We are still in Park City and spring is finally here. It was a long winter. How is the weather there? Are you wearing short sleeves now or is it cold? I hope you got our birthday wishes via email. It's hard to believe you have been out a whole year! You will be home in no time! Grandpa Rob is having a birthday Wed. (77) and we are having some of the family come for dinner. We think of you often and pray for you too. We loved your letter and photo. Love, Grandma Carlyle

Adam wrote on April 23, 2009:
ONE YEAR DOWN!!! Can you believe you're halfway done? It's a bittersweet feeling. I'm so glad I get to read your letters each week, they are great. And Happy Birthday! Love and miss you my man.

stacie sears wrote on April 20, 2009:
happy belated birthday, elder morris! your mom keeps me updated on your adventures. our family also enjoys hearing your voice and experiences through segments of your letters read each month during sacrament meeting. carry on and god bless!

mom wrote on April 20, 2009:
Hey Elliot, I was just on checking things out. I hope you had a good birthday yesterday! I sure love you alot, Mom

Adam wrote on March 17, 2009:
Hey Ells! Congrats on the baptisms. That's so awesome, I'm really happy for you. I can't believe you've nearly been out for a whole year! It's flown by!

Grandma Thomson wrote on March 10, 2009:
Dear Elliot, Its great to read you letters.We are so proud of you and the great missionary that you are.We love to read what you are doing, and congratulations on your baptisms...thats so great, it must give you a big high. We love you so much...keep up the great work...Can you believe we go home on the 17th of April. I am beginning to get a little trunky...I also can't believe you are coming up on a year...time passes fast when you are having fun huh? LOve you lots...G Thomson

Nishime Silvia wrote on February 2, 2009:
Hola Elder Morris, hoy fui a clases de Nihongo, muy interesante. Gracias por darme ánimo.

Yui Itakura wrote on February 2, 2009:
Hey, Morris cho-ro i did visit your page. man, you are such a good guy that i knew it today. i might be Kalamazoo, MI after graduated my university so i would hit you up whenever you want! we should chill anytime! Anyhow, we should keep in touch even if you move out to other place in japan and keep it real! see you!

John Zarbock wrote on February 2, 2009:
by the way, completely random, but I think the worst news I got since I was home was that Pres. Hill's son, Marshall was dating one of my good friends that I was hoping to maybe hook up with when I got back. Well, she's on a mission now, and apparently Marshall is writing her. zannen ne, don't tell Pres. or Sis. Hill that though, and if this makes you trunky hearing stuff like this, then don't read it.

John Zarbock wrote on February 2, 2009:
OOOOOOIIIII, KIMMIIIII!!! ELDER MORRIS!!! Hey how are you doing buddy?! You wouldn't believe it. Remember that one song I kept on singing in the shower, the one that I didn't remember at all, just that one line that went something like ...yeaaah...i'm doing alright...i'm doing just fine..., well anyway I was listening to it and it made me way natsukashii and it made me miss Japan and remember all the good times we had in Kofu. How are you doing man? It looks like you're doing well. But what do you expect. You're making your old man proud:). Things are good at home. I'm not going to lie, the first little bit was way taihen, but things honestly are getting better. School's super busy, but it's all fun. Hey, drop me a line sometime. I don't know if it's wamp or not, but my email is If not, just send a tegami the old way, 1917 E. Foxmoor Place Sandy, UT 84092. Love you buddy, take care chichi naru Johnny Zarbock

Kerrie Baughman wrote on January 1, 2009:
Elliot, I saw your brother at school today and he told me about your site so I'm checking it out! You look great in your pictures. I am so excited because he says you are doing well, and he was sharing your enthusiasm. I am keeping Taco Bell busy in your memory and I'm keeping you and your great work in my prayers. Be good!

Matt W wrote on December 12, 2008:
Yo Elliot, hope you are keeping the spirit alive and being the good man you are.

Adam wrote on October 10, 2008:
You are the bomb my man.

Lori H wrote on September 9, 2008:
Elliot- I am so proud of you! I have been reading your letters that have been posted and it sounds like you are doing great! I know you are going to have some great experiences and I look forward to hearing about them!

Jordan wrote on September 9, 2008:
Yay for you on your mission. We love you and are so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Adam wrote on September 9, 2008:
Elliot, this is my tribute to you. I love and miss you and it's great to be able to read about you and see your pics. Hopefully lots of your fans will write on this.