Letters From Elliot
May 04, 2010  "sayonara, Morgan Freeman"
Area: Machida
Well, this is it. The last e-mail of my mission. It is really odd to be writing that sentence. Don`t really know what to say. I guess I will just say what we did this last week, like normal. We had a BBQ at a members house, Brother Ford. He had some friends over, all whom he met in the 1980s when he had a band, so these guys were the real deal, some pretty well known bassists and guitarists. Got to talk some music with them, the Stones, the faces, some blues. It was fun. It was nice being at a BBQ run by an American. And then the next day we had a ward BBQ, that was also a lot of fun. We had some people come. It was funny to notice the differences in the meat and they way it was BBQd. On Sunday, we taught a lesson to a Members friend, Horiguchi. He has no beliefs in anything, so we really started at ground zero. The member was awesome and really helped explain what we do as missionaries and how important this message is. Horiguchi seemed to have some interest. He has been to church the last couple of weeks. He is a junior high school teacher. And he really wants to learn magic tricks, so I taught him a few of those. I dont know if you remember the man Fujiwara that Elder Battye and I taught back in Shibuya, the one who loved deep doctrine. Well, he was baptized this last Saturday. He wanted me to come down and give his introduction, but we had some appointments. But he sounded really happy. It was nice. We had a dinner appointment at the Horiuchi family. Awesome family, really good examples. All 4 kids have some form of Aspergers, the oldest son is less-active. The parents are really good about FHE and things like that, just really awesome. The mom wrote a book and gave me a copy, about how to help and raise kids with mental obstacles. Really interesting book. Anyways, it was just nice to see these two parents and how much they love their kids and how diligent they are, I dont know. We went to the temple on Tuesday. It was really nice, a lot of old friends and comps were there. Watakabe, Yamaji, Funajima, Mizukami, Reynolds, Evans. It was nice. We went to an all you can eat Curry place afterwards. It was really fun That night, we went and visited the Subarashi family, the one with the 14 year old kid. Just testified to him really sincerely. He is a good kid. He is reading and praying every day. Yesterday, met up with Ueno, an old gator of Elder Solomons, and he brought his friend Michi. When we got in the car, the CD that was playing was Highway 61 Revisited by Dylan. His buddy was a big Dylan fan, and knew quite a bit about film as well, so we had a nice chat. Last night was the last english class. I did a violin performance, it was fun. I probably won't miss English class too much, it is fun and all, but just gets repetitive after a while. Anyways, things with Solomon are good. Yesterday was nice. We had an hour or so to kill, so we streeted around the Eki. (Solomon hates streeting) but we met a guy and gave him a BoM. Solomon got really into the conversation and took over and started testifying a lot. It was really nice to see. And then that night we had a lesson with mori, and Solomon laid down the Gospel of Jesus Christ for him. It was really cool and nice to see Solomon get enthused about these two things. I hope I have helped him with something this transfer. I know I didnt change the way he lives or anything, but I hope I at least helped with some little things. Well, that about wraps it up. I wont even begin to start saying how much I will miss being out here, because I cant adequately describe how I feel. I am excited to go home, but torn at the fact at leaving Japan and all these people and friends that I have come to love. I guess I will talk to you on Monday and then see you the next day. Get excited. It will be a blast. I love you all. Thanks for everything. Take care. I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope the Dylan CDs are as good as I imagine. I hope the Dark Knight is as good as everybody says it is. I hope Hank still wants to sleep on my bed. I hope to see my friends and shake their hands. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.