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Today is June 23, 2017

Ryan wrote on January 16, 2011:
Wad up my main man! Just lettin you know i am taking my talents to south beach serving in the Florida Fort Lauderdale spanish speaking mission. I leave May 4th. You should be gettin a letter from me soon. there's no rest. peace and thats my peace.

Adam wrote on December 27, 2010:
Good talking to you on Christmas. No rest for the weary.

Some Dude wrote on December 02, 2010:
I Do not know william morris but I stumbled on this site and its way cool. I wish I had a site like this when I was a missionary.

Ryan, Matt, and Lovin wrote on September 18, 2010:
WAD UP!!!! Our letters are coming so hold tight. Matt got called to the Seoul Korea mission and leaves November 17th. Ryan gets his call in December, and Lovin is leaving...never. Keep doin that work and good luck!

Grandma & Grandpa Morris wrote on September 13, 2010:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM! We don't write often but want you to know, we follow your letters every week. You write so well and I'm sure are having great experiences. We hope you are having a good birthday and just know that we are very proud of you and what you are doing! Much love, Grandma Carlyle & Grandpa Rob

TravelingTommy wrote on August 19, 2010:
Pretty cool vibe we have going here, keep it going =]

Mandy Tenney wrote on May 14, 2010:
Hey! I love following Elder Morris's blog! I am Elder Tenney's mom (St. George Utah) and it was fun to read that Elder Morris and Elder Tenney went on divisions together this past week. If you would like to check in on Elder Tenney's blog the site is Thanks for your blog!

Elder Morris wrote on May 09, 2010:
Hey Will! I am in the mission home! Goin` home sucker! Ha ha, just kidding. Gonna miss it a lot. Have fun out there man. Be grateful and faithful. Everything will work out. I love you bro, I will be in touch. God speed.

Remzone wrote on January 23, 2010:
will! dont worry man, a letter is commin soon. i sent one a while ago but you were in transition so i dont think you got it. and now, thanks to this website, i have your address! so ill send it off today! sounds like your doin great and sorry you havent heard from me in a while. love you man and ill make sure to keep in touch.

Adam wrote on December 30, 2009:
So I see you're finally there, doing the work! I'm proud of you and excited to hear stories of the jungle. Love you Will!

wild bill wrote on December 23, 2009:
pretty cool website. i hadnīt checked it out til just now. pretty cool stuff

Grandma T... wrote on December 19, 2009:
Deayour Will, I was so happy to hear that you got your visa!! It is so great that you will finally get out out of the mtc..I know its been great but I know at some point that you it is just time to get on with things. It sounds like you are doing great with the language, your Mom said you talked for about twenty minutes, that is great...(but then she didn't know what you were saying anyway). It sounds like you have had a great experience there, it is fun to read your letters and know you are in the spirit of things, We are busy getting ready for christmas, and it just comes whether you are ready or not....We will miss you , but know that you will be having so many new experiences that you will not have time to miss it all. We can'at wait to hear your first impressions of everything....what a great time you have to look forward to. We love you and miss you and pray that our Heavenly Father will bless you and keep you safe, and that your testimony will continue to grow and that you will be a blessing to those you meet... What a great time to be serving the Lord. We are so proud of you and that you live your testimony.. Have a Great trip and enjoy the Holidays, and know the Lord loves you for what you are engaged in...We love you so much. Grandma T

wrote on December 18, 2009:

Paige wrote on December 06, 2009:
I forgot about this website. Keep it up Will, you're doing great!!

Elliot wrote on November 02, 2009:
Hey, I know you wont read this for a while but I hope you are having a good time and having a blast in the Amazon, teaching the monkeys and crocodiles. Hope all is well. E-mail me bro. Legend-oh-legend, the third wheel legend.

Adam wrote on October 31, 2009:
Will, you truly are the man.

Paige wrote on July 01, 2009:
Sorry, I wanted to try this out. Nice website. Brazil will be awesome.

Bowen wrote on June 27, 2009:
Bill Morris, my man. Dude Brazil? Dope. Not as dope as Panama City though! Ahaha i can't wait dude. It's gonna be sicky.

Adam wrote on June 24, 2009:
Congrats on the mission call my man!