October 10, 2011  "Last Letter"
Area: Dom Pedro
Well this is it. The last big letter home. Its weird writing this cause it really is the last time I write home before I really see all of you guys again. I feel like you guys arent anything but a mere computer screen haha. But I guess Ill start by reporting the week. First of all, the best moment this week was when Augusto, the dad of the daughter that just died, bore his testimony yesterday during testimony meeting. Really strong testiomony, he even showed up in a shirt and tie. That couple truly is my happiest and most strong baptism Ive had on the mish. I couldnt be happier for em. On Friday we had a family night there in remembrance of their daughter and we show up to find over a hundred people inside and out of the house. We get there with the Bishop and he turns to us and asked us if we were ready to give the message. My comp and I looked at each other and panicked a little cause no one told us we would give the message. So we run to the mission office and grab 3 packages of the 2nd lesson which is the Plan of Salvation and bring em pack to pass out to everyone. When the meeting started and it was time for the message, Galdino and I got in the middle and started teaching about the plan of salvation. I really prayed that we could have the spirit guide us cause there was so many people and so we needed it to flow well. It turned out awesome though. Everyone was paying attention and reading ther pamphlets and most importantly, at the end Augusto bore his testimony about it and I could really feel the Spirit there. He has a strong testimony that hell see his daughter again so it was a really great experience. Galdino and I flowed really well and traded off parts. Pretty sure wed taught at least 70 people at the same time. So that was the highlight of the week. We had 2 baptisms last week. One of a little girl and a woman. Wed planned her for next week but she was gonna travel and wanted to be baptized before she left so we baptized her yesterday and went really well. The woman ended up calling us out of nowhere on Friday and asked us if she could be baptized as fast as possible. She started crying at the end of the meeting and seemed so happy. Weve got 2 more baptisms planned for this Saturday so Im glad Ill be able to end strong. Weve got plenty of seeds planted for the next transfer as well. Weve got some good potential this week to mark some dates so I hope I can leave Galdino with some work to do. Im really trying hard to work till the end. I told my mission Pres. as well as Heavenly Father that Id end diligent, so Im trying to do just that. Im so grateful for these last 2 years and for the countless experiences good and bad that Ive had. I believe that the Lords really shown me that I need to embrace the Gospel and hold on to it no matter what happens. Hes shown me how to stay tough in tough situations and helped me create good habits that I hope I never lose. I know the Book of Mormon is the key to our conversion and really is the best book on earth to bring us to Chirst. Ive learned so much from it and hope to read it every single day of my life. I know this church is true and Im grateful for your support and love this whole time. Itll be a tough transition coming home but Im excited to see all of you again. To really sum it all up, the mish has let me pass through things that you wouldnt understand, things you couldnt understand, things, you shouldnt understand. Ha. But the Lord understands. At mais. Will